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      1. Dave Guttman

        Recent Posts

        25 Statistics You Need To Know About Healthcare & Telemedicine

        Healthcare costs are increasing, burdening both employers and employees. At the same time, accessing care has also become more difficult for a variety of reasons. Statistics demonstrate the scale of these problems, and how telemedicine can address...

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        3 Things On-Site Clinics Can’t Do That Telemedicine Can

        Large employers are increasingly opening onsite medical clinics to help employees save time and money when they need medical care for a routine illness. Today, one-third of employers with more than 5,000 employees (33% of companies) have an onsite...

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        Utilization: The Magic Number in Telemedicine

        Human Resources professionals face the difficult problem of keeping healthcare costs low while satisfying current employees and wooing potential hires. 

        Their benefits consultants are also judged by the impact their services have on both...

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        Why Rural Employees Need Telemedicine

        Americans in rural areas report more difficulty accessing high-quality healthcare than do those who live in the city or suburbs, with nearly a quarter of rural Americans saying that accessing good healthcare is a major problem, according to Pew...

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        Healthcare Costs Are Expected To Rise. Here's How Telemedicine Can Help.

        Large employers predict their healthcare costs will rise a median of 6% if they do not undertake any cost-saving initiatives, according to a new survey by the National Business Group on Health (NBGH).

        As a result, these large employers say they are...

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        Most Hospital Visits Are Avoidable. Employees Need Telemedicine.

        Unnecessary hospital visits are costing the U.S. healthcare system $32 billion per year, according to a new study by United Health Group.

        The study found that more than half of emergency department (ED) visits could be avoided, with patients...

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        One Big Reason Why A Telemedicine Program Might Not Work

        Telemedicine can have real impact for employers and employees — if employees actually use it, that is.

        But the truth of the matter is this: Today, most employers offer telemedicine within their employee benefit plan, but most employees never use .


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        How to Get Employees to Use Telemedicine

        Telemedicine can be a huge benefit for all employers and their employees. Telemedicine helps employers save money by diverting employee healthcare costs away from expensive options such as the ER or urgent care. And, telemedicine helps employees...

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        What You Should Expect from the Best Telemedicine Companies

        According to our recent findings, there are more than 200 telemedicine providers offering an array of virtual care and telehealth services. With so many options, finding the best telemedicine company can be dizzying.

        According to First Stop...

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