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      1. [Podcast] Telemedicine and Insights on Reconstructing Healthcare

        Dave Guttman

        As we start 2018, we looked at our archives for content that appeared in the past year that continues to generate interest and value for our readers. One notable example is this podcast, with First Stop Health President Dave Guttman, who appeared as a guest on Reconstructing Healthcare. In this show, leaders of innovative companies discuss how the solutions they offer address problems in today's health care system.

        In this episode, Dave shares how First Stop Health is able to generate high rates of utilization among employees, reduce healthcare costs for employers,  and guarantee a positive ROI for employers with podcast host Michael Menerey.  They also discussed the following topics:

        • Dave Guttman's unconventional path into healthcare.
        • Why divorcing any buying decision from accountability for payment is problematic.
        • The conditions telemedicine can treat effectively.
        • Why First Stop Health is fundamentally different from other telemedicine vendors.
        • What a Telemedicine visit actually saves an employer.
        • How First Stop Health provides greater value to employers and employess than telemedicine solutions embedded in health insurance plans.
        • How First Stop Health drives extraordinary engagement rates through custom communication strategies
        • How First Stop Health's employer pricing structure encourages employees to use thde Frist Stop Health telemedicine service, while saving employer's money.
        • How First Stop Health eliminates risk for an employer via the firsm's Price Match and Financial Savings Guarantee.  
        • How the First Stop Health user experience is optimized to be easy for employees to use, and is different from other telemedicine user experiences.
        • The average return on investment (ROI) for First Stop Health clients and how it is measured.

        It's a fascinating discussion of important ideas and as we start the new year we invite you to listen to the entire podcast by clicking below.

        Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 12.35.54 PM.png